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Carlisle Township Leaf Collection Guidelines

Leaf collection will begin on October 30th, 2023 and will end on December 15th, 2023. Leaves

that are put out after December 15th, will not be collected.

A route that covers the whole Township is followed and repeated. Residents should put

leaves in a row along the edge of the road but not in the road. The back edge of the row must

be no farther than 7'0" from the edge of the road and the pile should be no closer than 4'0" to

mailboxes, signposts and other objects. DO NOT bag leaves. DO NOT put sticks, straw, corn

stalks, weeds, fruit, animal feces and other items in the leaf rows. These things damage, plug up

the machine and cause delays. DO NOT pile leaves in ditches or over catch basins or risers.

Doing this may cause flooding.

Uncontrollable conditions such as equipment breakdown, bad weather and emergency work

sometimes make it difficult to know what day we will be there to collect your leaves but we will

be there. Please be patient.

Paul Sniezek

Carlisle Township Road Superintendent



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