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In 2016, Santa delivered an Ayrshire dairy heifer calf to 8 year old Kale Hamker for his first 4-H project. Fast forward to 2024: Kale’s herd now numbers 16 and growing and his 4-H project has bloomed into his FFA SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) and a new agri-business venture for the 15 year-old. Kale’s Carlisle Creamery LLC was launched the day after Thanksgiving 2023 and has steadily grown in membership after a few short months.

Carlisle Creamery LLC is a herd share that offers members the ability to have fresh raw milk from the proceeds of their share of the herd. Carlisle creamery LLC makes it’s home at the original 1824 Hart dairy farm and cheese factory on west Ridge Road. Kale is the 5th generation of his family to live on this farm and is responsible for returning it to its dairy cow roots since his great grandfather retired his dairy herd in the late 1960’s.

Along with his parents, Anne and Rich, and lots of family and friends as well, Kale has helped build new barns for housing the entire operation that includes a free-stall barn with an attached milk \ parlor and milk house. Pastures have been reclaimed for grazing, hay has been planted for bailing and the doors have been opened for those interested to rediscover fresh raw milk. Make all the fresh butter, yogurt, cheese or any other dairy delight you can imagine. Come for a visit!

You can find Carlisle Creamery on FaceBook,

or call/text 440 -941-6334.



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