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Welcome to Carlisle Township

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Welcome to Carlisle Township’s website! Whether you are new to the township or your roots are well established, we believe you will find a growing and proud community with a storied history dating back 200 years ago.

In Ohio, the township predates our state government and is the basic unit of local government. Three trustees and a fiscal officer, each elected to a four year term, administer our township. These elected officials fill their roles on a part-time basis; however, their intimate knowledge of their community, its needs and its citizens enables them to offer more personal service than any other unit of government. Carlisle Township also has an administrative assistant, a zoning inspector, a fire chief and a road superintendent. The administrative offices and fire department are located at 11950 State Route 301, LaGrange, Ohio 44050 and the road department and township hall are located across the road at 11969 State Route 301, LaGrange, Ohio 44050. Trustee meetings are held at the Carlisle Township Hall on the 1 st and 3 rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (except holidays). The Board of Zoning Appeals also meets at the township hall and the Zoning Board meets in the Ray Hildebrandt Room at the administrative offices.

In addition to maintaining over 29 miles of roads in the township, the road department maintains township cemeteries on Butternut Ridge Road in LaPorte and Murray Ridge Cemetery at Russia and Murray Ridge Roads in the township’s northwestern corner.

We are proud of the Carlisle Township Veterans Memorial Committee and we are anxious to see the completion of the Veterans Memorial located next to our township hall. The five year old project has an anticipated dedication date on Veteran’s Day this November 2022.

If you have a question about the township, this website is a great source of information. We have

answers for questions like:

 Do I need a permit to put up a fence, a swimming pool or replace a driveway?

 What is the holiday schedule for trash pickup?

 When does the township start picking up leaves in the fall?

 How close to the road can I put my mailbox?

If the website doesn’t have the answer to your question, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do or whom we can direct you to.

Again, we welcome you to Carlisle Township and hope to be seeing you at a trustee meeting soon!

Berry A. Taylor/Trustee Jared W. Smith / Trustee James L. Wright/Trustee


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